Concept Stage Advice

Belmore wants you to feel confident from the minute you engage our services.  We offer support and advice from the outset. We consult and build relationships with not only you but your chosen architect, interior designer and landscaper. By liaising with all members of the project team, we can support them and you in all decision making. Decisions can vary from the most suitable materials, to the best use of space and maybe the most cost effective approach. Whatever the problem our years of experience and proactive processes results an informative and effective experience when achieving your dream concept.


Detailed Breakdown of costs

It is important for us as well as our clients to understand exactly what work is being contracted for, Belmore believe that by breaking down the costs for the proposed works against the schedule of works, it provides all parties with transparency and reduces the possibility for omissions.

Our costings will cover all aspects of the works that you require Belmore to manage, from Electrical schedules to wall tiling schedules, all of which we believe highlights any areas you may have not previously considered within your budget, thus allowing us to set a realistic and achievable budget for the works.

As part of the contract with our clients, we agree to provide a fully costed schedule of works that will be used to form part of the contract (JCT) and will be used as a management document for budget forecast to monthly main contractor invoices and payments throughout the duration of the works.


Contracts & JCT’s

The construction industry is full of horrific stories of client/main contractor relationships breaking down and ending up in a costly battle to overcome. Belmore prides itself on starting off on the right foot and understands the importance of having a contract in place prior to commencing any work.

Building your dream is an emotional roller coaster and generally requires significant investment of your hard-earned money. To protect this investment and to be sure that your project is delivered and much like buying a house or car you and Belmore must have a contract in place that defines what work will be carried out in detail.

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Why expose yourself to someone else’s ‘terms & conditions’? Standard contracts exist for the industry (JCT or Minor Works) that cover all works and all scenarios including, contractual payment obligations, insurance and what is included in the works (Detailed Schedule of Works) and disputes. Belmore’s belief is that a contract protects both parties and gives our clients piece of mind.

In the final synopsis, you as the property owner and employer are under contract. A JCT provides a framework for your building project to be delivered on time and on budget.

The risk of operating without a JCT?

Projects embarked on without a contract are often delivered late and at much higher costs than initially envisaged.

Without documentation to cover who is responsible for what aspects of the design and delivery, it is almost impossible to pin down exactly what works you are committing to have carried out. Belmore believes its important for our clients to only pay for work carried out and likewise any changes made by clients need to be managed under a contractual process rather than on an adhoc basis.

Project Management

Belmore understands how important it is to set out a clear and concise plan for delivering your project and this planning phase starts at the very beginning.

“Without effective project management, not even the best plans can be delivered!”
Our project management is based on open communication with all involved and having an agreed project plan that has significant key milestones which forms part of our contract with you.

Part of effective project management is the ability to communicate the plan clearly to all those involved with the project – from our clients through to the guys on-site – the project team!

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We also recognise that projects evolve and its how these changes are communicated and managed that can make the difference to the client experience.

  • Planning the project
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork
  • Ability to ask questions
  • Tools and processes in place to maintain budgets and costs

Using a detailed Schedule of Works, that also includes your specifications and a detailed cost breakdown, ensures you are fully aware of the actual works both parties are contracting and agreeing to carry out. The breakdown also provides a level of transparency and assists with any change process.

We also implement regular site meetings with the core project team which includes our clients which gives us the opportunity to update everyone and review progress and costs.

Customer Support

Belmore prides itself on outstanding customer service.  Our management team is always on hand to discuss your wishes and allay any fears you may have when undertaking your project.  We understand that building work in your home can be stressful, we therefore provide a happy and positive environment throughout.